IWT S-1 Tight Access Gun

        IWT S-1 Specifications and
              Technical Information

      MADE IN U.S.A.
      Easy to use
      Light weight
      Ergonomic design
      Automatic triggering—push to fire
      Enables access to tight locations
      Fits all stud welders
      Uses standard IWT chucks

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     C-1 (Contact Gun)
     IWT-Ci (Insulation Gun)
     LYNX3 Quickshot (1/4" Capacity)
     LYNX3 Modular (5/16" Capacity)
     LYNX3 Titan (3/8" Capacity)

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                 Access Gun
The IWT-S1 precision welding gun enables the user to gain access to extremely tight locations. A six inch shaft extension allows users to reach into the rear of panels. It is equipped with an automatic trigger switch—just push the stud into place to weld the fastener. The IWT-S1 represents the ultimate in stud welding simplicity.

  Weld range: #4 – ¼” DIA. (6mm) with steel, stainless steel, and brass
  Welding process: Capacitor discharge
  Welding and control cable: 10 ft highly flexible
  Length: 11 inch overall, 6 inch extension
  Total weight: 2 lbs with cables

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